TRA Elections Or Travesty?

Curnock TRA Elections At the recent meeting to elect new members to the TRA, only one person put forward to fill the vacant position of Secretary. This person was prevented by the current committee to stand for the position for reasons which have been withheld. Residents present were therefore unable to vote, and the position remains unfilled. Positions for Chair, DMC post and Safer Neighborhood post also remain unfilled as nobody present came forward to stand.


Official Complaint Against the Interim Team Leader M&E Repairs and Improvements

We placed an official complaint against Mr Wheatman because he did not replied to any of our emails regarding the lack of hot water and pressure. We do not expect the complaint to be upheld as per standard Camden Council's Policy regarding their employees (see special note below). This complaint has a Reference No: 7619657. The customer assurance team will respond to us by 16 March 2012.



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